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Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy

Hormone balance is not just a woman’s problem; men can also benefit from testosterone therapy. Looking into bio-identical hormone therapy to treat testosterone imbalance may give you significant benefits like more energy, increased muscle mass and strength, weight loss, and improved sexual function.

Hormone levels decline as you age, and hormone imbalance in men may occur at any point in your life. It is most commonly experienced around middle age when testosterone levels reach a peak point of decline. Testosterone has the biggest impact on health and quality of life. Symptoms of hormone imbalance are often referred to as andropause or male menopause.

Symptoms may include:

• Muscle Loss
• Weight Gain
• Fatigue
• Sleep problems
• Low Sex Drive, irritability, depression
• Hair Loss
• Erectile Dysfunction

Using bioidentical hormones is one form of hormone therapy that is popular. Bioidentical hormones are compounded hormones that come from naturally occurring sources and are designed to be almost indistinguishable from endogenous human hormones.

Men who restore testosterone at natural levels using replacement therapy have reduced their risk of heart attacks and stroke. Good testosterone levels also help with higher energy levels and healthy weight control. Other benefits include enhanced sexual desire and performance, better bone density, and improved signs of aging.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy? North Dakota

Hormone Pellet Therapy places small, time release pellets of bio-identical hormones in the fat under your skin to be absorbed. The hormones in the pellets are bioidentical, meaning it is the exact molecular match of the human hormone. The process is quick and painless, like having your blood drawn. A small amount of local anesthesia is used to numb the skin before a small tube pushes the pellet into place, and is easily performed in the office.

The pellets are derived from natural plant sources and dissolve completely over a 3-6 month period in order to replicate the body’s optimal hormone levels. A compounding pharmacy, following the strict federal guidelines, compresses, heats, and sterilizes testosterone powder to make the pellets. Once placed in the fatty tissue underneath the skin, the rice-sized pellets most closely mimic the actions of healthy ovaries and testicles with regards to testosterone release in the bloodstream.

Because the pellets contain only ingredients naturally found in the human body, Pellet Therapy is ideal for patients wanting the benefits of human hormone therapy to replace a deficiency and enhance health and performance, without the drawbacks of synthetic non-human ingredients.

Symptoms that may benefit from Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy include:

Anxiety, Irritability, Loss of Energy, Poor Focus, Decreased Sexual Desire, High Cholesterol, Weight Gain Despite Exercise, Loss of Memory, Cardiac Dysfunction, Depression, Poor Concentration, Loss of Muscle Mass, Menopausal Symptoms, Inflammation Issues

Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy FAQ's

Men who want to restore hormone balance and reduce the effects of aging can optimize their goals with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Treatment starts with testing to assess your current hormone levels and to get to the cause of your problems. A comprehensive treatment plan that includes BHRT may be developed when your results come back. You may also need to adjust your exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

Testosterone is the most vital hormone to male sexual development and function. Testosterone decreases as men age, and bone loss, mood changes, and sexual function may decrease.

Some symptoms of testosterone deficiency may include:

• Reduced body and facial hair
• Loss of muscle mass
• Low libido
• Increased breast size
• Hot flashes
• Irritability
• Brittle bones and risk of fracture.

Some symptoms of high testosterone levels include:

• Acne
• Liver disease
• Weight gain
• High blood pressure and cholesterol
• Low sperm count
• Heart muscle damage
• Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior
• Mood swings