Neck Lift

Neck Lift, North Dakota

A neck lift eliminates the loose, sagging skin around the neck and under the jawline, creating a tighter, more refreshed appearance. We usually perform a neck lift in conjunction with other procedures, such as facelift or forehead lift.


Neck lift surgery corrects the signs of aging on the neck and the jawline.

Removes loose, sagging skin from under the chin corrects visible vertical bands on the neck, the patient can have a  smooth, more youthful-looking neck.

Same-day surgery. Compression garment to be worn for 3-4 weeks. Most sutures are removed 6-7 days after surgery. Bruising usually resolves in 2-3 weeks.

It is important to keep your head elevated above your heart to minimize swelling and to keep your head straight (no excessive twisting or bending of the neck).

DO NOT APPLY ICE to the neck in the first 24-48 hours, this can cause vascular compromise and lead to tissue death.

During the neck lift procedure, excess fat and skin is removed. The remaining skin then is tightened and sutured into the new position. When the procedure is complete, you will be placed in a facial compression garment that keeps the neck tight and helps it heal properly. You may experience some bruising, swelling, and numbness after a neck lift, but these symptoms are part of the natural healing process and usually subside within a few weeks.

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