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CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, North Dakota

The CO2 laser is the gold standard for laser skin resurfacing in order to treat the effects of facial skin aging. The latest laser technology, the fractional CO2 laser, offers many of the benefits of the full face CO2 laser, with a fraction of the downtime. The laser is used to treat the effects of sun damage on the skin as well as facial skin aging. The laser can provide skin tightening, is used to treat brown spots and skin discoloration, even out the skin tone and color, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and to reduce the size of large pores.
Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is typically performed in the operating room under IV sedation for your comfort.

After the procedure, you will be given a post-laser ointment to apply to the face for approximately 3-4 days. After this you may apply makeup if desired. You will experience some sloughing of the skin for approximately 5-10 days after the treatment, and some slight redness may be noted for 2-3 weeks while your skin is healing. This can usually be covered with makeup. You will see gradual improvement in the appearance of your skin immediately after the initial healing phase is complete at about 5 days. The CO2 laser stimulates collagen production in the dermis (deep skin layer) that helps fill in the fine lines of your face. Collagen build up takes up to 6 months to complete.

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