Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

Votiva is a non-invasive treatment for rejuvenating the tissues of the vagina and labia. It reverses the damage done by aging, labor, and childbirth stress. Votiva uses radiofrequency energy to reverse the sign of aging that afflict the vagina. The energy used by Votiva is painless, safe, and it stimulates the growth of collagen in the vaginal area. When collagen is abundant, you can see an end to skin laxity, have increased sensitivity, and enjoy natural lubrication.

This treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen proteins, and results continue to improve over time. Votiva can treat internal and external tissues in the vaginal area. If you have any feminine health concerns, this treatment will help with the following:

• Laxity
• Blood Flow
• Pain
• Weak Muscles
• Urinary Stress Incontinence
• Dryness

Votiva has two handheld elements that are controlled by your healthcare professional. FormaV treats the internal tissues, and FractoraV treats external issues. They can be used separately or in conjunction with each other, depending on your concerns. During treatment, you will feel the gentle heat from radiofrequency treatment. Tissues will signal your body to send collagen and growth factors to the area to start cellular regeneration.

Previously, women did not have many options to improve intimate issues that occur from childbirth or aging. Now, with new technologies available, women have more options to resolve their discomfort. There are new choices that are effective, easy, and painless. The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable. Votiva offers solutions that address internal and external vaginal health concerns, with clinically proven feminine wellness technologies.

Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQ's

The most you will feel is a warming sensation. Then, when your treatment is done, you can go about your daily activities

Change can be seen almost immediately, but everyone is unique. The best effects are seen a few weeks after your last treatment.

After a consultation, we can give you a timeline for results and a better idea of how many treatments you need.  For example, most women get their best results after three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart.  After that, you will only need maintenance if you feel symptoms are returning.

Treatment time depends on whether you are having treatment on outer or inner tissues. To do both, it takes about 40 minutes.

Votiva is an FDA-cleared technology and a non-invasive treatment that can truly give you the desired results.